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Parent Weekly - September 18-22

At the beginning of the year, parents need to fill out the consent forms that the school requires.  Field Trip, Media etc.

the site address is:   https://consent.sd62.bc.ca


Kindergarten Registration for 2023-2024

Registration opens on January 23, 2023 to January 27, 2023.

Go to the SD62 website to register.

Spirit Club

November 24 starting at 12:30, teachers will be doing in person meetings or by phone.  The last appointment is at 7:00 pm.

Please sign up on the system sent out to parents by our Principal.


Please be mindful of where you are parking for student drop-off and pick-up:

  • There is several areas of the road that are no-parking zones, please do not park or wait in these areas
  • Ensure when parking that you are not blocking driveways or sidewalks.
  • Do not park in the bus loop, if your child is not at the front when you arrive please loop around.

This is a very busy time.  Please be patient and kind.


Meet the teacher night and treats from the PAC.  The PAC will have a variety of treats, snacks and drinks available to purchase.  Nut-free, gluten-free, and vegan options will be available.

Teachers will be in classrooms to meet families from 6 – 6:30 pm

Treats and mingling outside from 5:30 – 7:00 pm.


Grade 1 – 5 students will be moving to their new classes tomorrow morning after attendance.  Thanks to everyone for their patience as we create classes and a brand new classroom.  We are continuing to grow and will have 13 divisions this year.

This is an exciting and sometimes nervous time for students. Teachers have done a great job reassuring students that their new class and teacher will be great and even if they are not with all their friends they will still see them on the playground at recess and lunch.

At the end of the day – all teachers will bring their new classes to the blacktop area and ensure they are met by their parents or are checked in for the bus or after school care.

Students can bring their school supplies with them tomorrow but it is also okay to wait and bring them in on Monday.

Have a great evening and we are looking forward to a fabulous Friday.


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